Friday, October 29, 2010

At the Wall

Here we are at the Western Wall with a harp (which in the past we were not allowed to bring in - this time we could bring it in, but not take out of the case - next time!....). We connected with some new friends who are staying at the JHOPFAN Prayer House. Pastor Brian, who we renamed "Baruch" and his wife Cynthia, pictured below, have invited us to come down to Costa Rica. (during the middle of our Canadian winter sounds like a good time to go)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunset over Jerusalem - moments ago

Just a few moments a ago this image was shot of the sunset over Jerusalem as shot from the JHOPFAN Prayer House at the top of the Mount of Olives. We spent the day setting up the schedule for the School... however, we are asking for your prayers that we will be led by the Spirit in all that we will be doing.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Instructors Arrive in Israel

Hi everyone, here we are leaving from the airport in Toronto Ontario, Canada on route to Jerusalem. At the time of this posting we have in fact arrived in Jerusalem with all things intact, only suffering from the expected jet lag. Please pray now for the safe arrival of all the harpists coming from around the world and the safe travel of all the harps. Shalom from the Mount of Olives.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Instructors Leaving for Israel

Thank you for your prayers all of you intercessors! Please pray for the safe journey of the instructors who are leaving this morning for Israel. Pray for the safe transport of all the teaching materials and equipment.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dome in the Heavenlies over Jerusalem 'shattered' at the sound of the harp

Here is part of an email concerning the School of the Prophetic Harp which was sent in from one of our students. We would love to hear from you if you feel you have a word the Lord for the school.

"...Hilda Chen also contacted us this morning and has asked that the harpist will conduct at ‘watch’ at the Pavilion Prayer Tower, which is on Jaffa Road.  She is expecting this new sound to break old cycles.

Just two weeks ago, Dale got the word SHATTER.  Then in the following week, we got a CD from Glory of Zion and Chuck Pierce talks about how the atmosphere is changing because things have shattered.  He states that if we allow God’s voice to thunder into our circumstances, it will shatter the things opposing and holding us back.... especially the fear of what the future may hold.  LeAnn Squier then starts to sing Shhh  Shhh Shh shatter, etc. [shhh being pronounced like you are shushing someone]  Anyway, I wanted to let you know I believe that something is going to be shattered over Jerusalem when we play.  In fact, people have envisioned a glass dome over the city and another person said that they felt in their heart that the Lord himself is going to play the strings of the harp bridge which cause the dome to shatter.  I am expecting a brightness and unbelievable liberty/favour.  So we keep on praying and saying.... The best is yet to come. Amen and amen."

Friday, October 22, 2010

Prayer Request - Final Preparations

For those who are praying for the School of the Prophetic Harp - please pray for the safe arrival of all the students and God's blessing and direction on the final preparations.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome Students to the School of the Prophetic Harp

It is with great joy that I welcome you to the first School of the Prophetic Harp to take place in Jerusalem, the City of the Great King! I believe that this gathering is historic as we do our part to help in the restoration of the Tabernacle of David. To my knowledge this is the first gathering of harpists who have desired to worship in Spirit and in Truth since the days when Samuel and his School of the Prophets prophesied with harps in the days of King David. I believe that this restoration of the use of the harp for intersection, worship, deliverance and healing has been in the heart of God for a very long time. It appears that for such a time as this that the release of the prophetic harp is in the NOW!
When we speak of the prophetic, this important part of the Kingdom of God has often been misused and misunderstood. The prophetic is simply a loving Heavenly Father longing to speak to His children and we know that He also rejoices over us with SINGING! As we are here together, we have the guarantee that wherever two or three are gathered in His Name, He is here in our presence. We can, with all humility and faith, expect that our Abba, the Heavenly Bridegroom, will profoundly speak to us at this set and appointed time... Words of love directed to His beloved Bride and eternal companion who is soon to rule with Him on earth – forever!
There is a very high level of excitement and anticipation not only amongst the attending students, but also from many of those who have heard of this school. I believe that with this intent to re-establish the harp that this is giving our God a great deal of joy. The time to release a new sound in the heavenlies is NOW and the lovely vibration of the strings of the harp will reverberate in sync with the harps around the throne of the Lamb. With this synchronicity, as it is in Heaven – let it be here on earth, there is no telling what wonderful things are in store for us, both now and in the near future.
We have planned a number of  exciting opportunities to not only encounter the Lord for yourself, but to also reach out to the local community with the great beauty of the Lord as expressed through the harp. I trust that you will not only learn some valuable skills that you will be able to launch you ministering on the harp, the that you will have a life changing experience that will affect many people starting right NOW and over the next 30 days.
 It is therefore my great pleasure to invite you to experience all that God has in His heart to impart to us during this amazing first of the School of the Prophetic Harps.