Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dome in the Heavenlies over Jerusalem 'shattered' at the sound of the harp

Here is part of an email concerning the School of the Prophetic Harp which was sent in from one of our students. We would love to hear from you if you feel you have a word the Lord for the school.

"...Hilda Chen also contacted us this morning and has asked that the harpist will conduct at ‘watch’ at the Pavilion Prayer Tower, which is on Jaffa Road.  She is expecting this new sound to break old cycles.

Just two weeks ago, Dale got the word SHATTER.  Then in the following week, we got a CD from Glory of Zion and Chuck Pierce talks about how the atmosphere is changing because things have shattered.  He states that if we allow God’s voice to thunder into our circumstances, it will shatter the things opposing and holding us back.... especially the fear of what the future may hold.  LeAnn Squier then starts to sing Shhh  Shhh Shh shatter, etc. [shhh being pronounced like you are shushing someone]  Anyway, I wanted to let you know I believe that something is going to be shattered over Jerusalem when we play.  In fact, people have envisioned a glass dome over the city and another person said that they felt in their heart that the Lord himself is going to play the strings of the harp bridge which cause the dome to shatter.  I am expecting a brightness and unbelievable liberty/favour.  So we keep on praying and saying.... The best is yet to come. Amen and amen."

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  1. Hi, just thought I'd share what I've pieced together in the past 5 months. This is all new for me however God is in control, so read and see what you think.
    1. "These Walls Will Not Hold Back My Voice"/ "These Walls Will Not Drown {Out} My Voice".
    2. SHATTER!

    This could relate to me HOWEVER, I sense this is for something I am not aware of, so if this "speaks" to anyone about a momentous event then please feel free to share. This is all new to me and trusting God that he's doing something through my prayers!! I don't always have to know what he's doing but if he wants me to know....then, I'm open to knowing. God is BIG! Wow, can't wait to enter into what all God has and I know he has a strategic plan, so waiting on direction. Blessings to all!