Sunday, December 5, 2010

Harps on the Tiberias Boardwalk - Israeli Musicians Have Harp Mini-seminar

Overlooking the Sea of Galilee (also known as the Kinneret after the lake's harp-like shape - a kinnor is Hebrew for a 10 stringed harp) the students of the School of the Prophetic Harp played on the Tiberias Boardwalk. This proved to be a relaxing adventure after a very busy 3 weeks of training and ministering. The people at the Galilee Experience streamed a live feed of the harpists on their website as they are located on the boardwalk Here is a short YouTube video clip of some of the music that was played   It has been interesting to watch the reactions of people passing by when then encounter the beautiful sounds of the "harpistra".
One of the objectives of the School of the Prophetic Harp is to restore the use of the harp for worship and intercession particularly in Israel, the birthplace of the prophetic harp. After playing on the boardwalk, the students enjoyed the walking around the waterfront while a few of the students assisted the school instructor with a mini-seminar for Israeli worship leaders and musicians. (see photo below - note the Kinneret in the background) This seminar was exciting as this was the first-fruits of our efforts and will be followed up by a 5 day school in Israel for Israelis (translated in Hebrew as was this first seminar) at the JHOPFAN Prayer House on the Mount of Olives from April 3rd to 8th, 2011. For more information on this event watch for details on our website

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