Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hapists Meet With Israeli Harp Society - Instructor Meets With Media Crew

Just before the start of the School of the Prophetic Harp we were down on Ben Yehuda Street meeting with the Nevel Harp Society to introduce some of the harpists from our school to this group of harpists from Israel. We have been invited to a party where our students will meet with their members - pray this will be a blessed time!  On November 11 at 7pm the school will be doing a benefit street concert for the bottom left harpist who is known as the Harp Lady of Jerusalem - she recently broke both her legs, preventing her from her making a living from playing the harp at her usual spot on Ben Yehuda Street. Please pray that this concert will have a wonderful impact on the city of Jerusalem and the life of this dear harpist!

While having lunch, the pictured video crew (the same producer of the TV series Grizzley Adams) came by, staffed by our friends from Israel Vistas (the Rawlings). Consequently, I was asked to be interviewed regarding my stand for Israel and the political situation - I was delighted to voice a strong perspective from a believers perspective which will be viewed all over the world. An orthodox Jewish man, who had been listening to the interview declared "this man is the best representative for Israel!" and the producer was thankful for a clear Bible-centered interview. Amazing things are already happening - please pray for God's continued intervention.

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  1. *Yaaahh God!!* May the KING OF KINGS grant you all at the Prophetic Harp School MORE CONTINUED INTERVENTIONS THAN YOU COULD ASK OR IMAGINE!

    ...And we will surely join you in asking of God and imagining more 'continued interventions' for the building up of his Kingdom in Jerusalem and throughout Israel, as well, as Holy Spirit places this on our hearts to pray forth. :) :)